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Education, Spring 2023

Education, Spring 2023

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NEW: The education issue, Spring 2023 from TANK magazine.

The beginning of 2023 has seen school teachers, university lecturers and student renters down their tools and go on strike in the latest iteration of long-running industrial action in the education sector. In doing so, teachers and staff reassert the criticality of education as a force to radically reorganise how members of a society fit together as well as expanding one’s personal and intellectual horizons. In this issue of TANK, we ask: what state is education in, and can crisis lay the groundwork for new opportunities?

Former Labour Party Leader Jeremy Corbyn reflects on his vision for a National Education Service, while Juliet Jacques imagines a more equitable schooling system. Sophie Lewis blows up the nuclear family, Sammy Wright thinks the kids are alright, and Olivia Erlanger argues for the transformative potential of science fiction. Esteemed academics diagnose the crisis in higher education, Paul Franz rewinds Terry Gilliam’s 12 Monkeys and Joanna Walsh considers craft in the age of mechanical reproduction.

To celebrate our spring term, we find accessories to put a smile on your face, explore the contradictions of uniform in our fashion manifesto, and talk to eight young rising stars unboxing their true selves with Valentino. We meet a new wave of Milanese women designers, while in New York, Charlotte Shane shines in Plan C. Plus, we talk to Constance Debré on freedom, Hashi Mohamed on the housing crisis, Anicka Yi on scent and sensibility and CHATGPT on passing the Turing test.

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